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Јун 17, 2019 17:35:00
E-auction Market
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E-auction project

This e-auction platform e-auction market is being developed within the framework of project e-auction “Development of an e-auction market for agri-food products in the cross-border area”, which has been submitted under Measure 1.1. "Economic Development" of Priority Axis 1. "Strengthening cross-border economic development" and is being implemented under the IPA Cross-Border Programme "Greece - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013", with a total approved budget of 611.787,00 €.

Lead partner of the project is the Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki, whith the Chamber of Kilkis and the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry participating in the partnership from the Greek side and the Foundation for Local and IT Development - Gevgelija and the Municipality of Kavadarci from the side of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The scope of the project is to support local agricultural products and to facilitate the transition from traditional sales and marketing strategies in modern techniques, introducing innovation through this e-auction platform, aiming to help local producers to meet the demand of products and to develop new distribution channels, in the domestic and global market.

More specific, the objectives of the e-auction project are:
  • the recording and grouping of local agri-food products, as well as the investigation and determination of their export prospects (processes, channels, export destinations, etc.) constituting local products of the cross-border area known even outside the boundaries of this region,
  • the development and the provision of an e-auction platform for market users in order to negotiate on a daily basis,
  • to meet the demand and supply of products through the pilot operation of an auction mechanism,
  • the rational performance of agro-food products in the cross-border area,
  • the strengthening and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector with the active support of local farmers and of the business community,
  • the enhancement of business community’s extroversion in the cross-border area and the proposal of new and realistic growth prospects and
  • the retainment of local population in the countryside, through the creation of new business development prospects and through the boost employment

The project e-auction enhances the capabilities of local producers and entrepreneurs through the development of the e-auction market for the facilitation of transactions of agri-food products, within and beyond the borders, as well as through a series of actions for the strengthening of business innovation and the promotion of exports in the agri-food sector, such as:

  • The development of an Action Plan for the promotion of local products & services of the agri-food sector, aiming to enhance the exports, emphasizing to the Italian and German market
  • Customized coaching activities for local businesses for the promotion of their exporting & innovative character
  • The edition of a multilingual guide with exporting and innovational character
  • Organization of business missions
  • Participation in international exhibitions for the agri-food sector
  • Organization of a series of joint information and publicity activities (Multilingual communication material, newsletters, Infodays – Roadshows, Mass media campaign, press conferences etc) throughout the whole project life

Make a bid on the local development of your area. The joint e-Auction market is open to everyone, aiming to enhance the local producers in distributing their production to a wider range of potential consumers, avoiding excess expenses from intermediaries, while strengthening the trade relations among the participating countries. The integration of new innovative tools in the local business procedures will improve the current position and future perspectives of local producers and entrepreneurs and the extroversion of the local business sector.

The project E-AUCTION is a European Territorial Cooperation Project, implemented within the framework of the IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013”, co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries.